Tour de Oak Ridge (8/10 - 8/15/19) 

Tour de Oak Ridge 5/10-5/15/19 

A review by Super Fan Lil’ Randy 

I would like to begin by apologizing for my lapse in keeping up with my reviewing duties. It has been a tough and violent time up here on the Dirt Farm. I have been in a tooth and nail battle the past week and a half with the raccoon incursion I mentioned in my last review. It has been a long, bloody, KY jelly filled, and dirty fight. The raccoons finally succumbed to my battlefield tactics of a constant air assault of possums (the raccoon…

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Live at Buckethead Tavern, Knoxville, TN (8/3/19)  

Live at Buckethead Tavern, Knoxville, TN (8/3/19) 

A show review by #SuperFan Lil’ Randy 

It has taken way too long to get this show review out to you all this week. We are just shy of a skinny dog’s ass to it being near a week from the actual show. I sincerely want to apologize to everyone. We’ve been experiencing a hostile invasion of extremely belligerent raccoons this week. They won’t tell me what they are here for, what their demands are, or what that lovely odor that has permeated across the dirt farm…

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Live at Calhoun's on the Peninsula 7/25/19 

Live at Calhoun’s on Melton Hill Peninsula Oak Ridge, TN (7/25/19) 

A Show Review by SuperFan, Little Randy 

The early part of this week was about as chaotic as imaginable up on The Dirt Farm. The heavy rains that came Monday and Tuesday made sure almost all of the property was thoroughly saturated, if not submerged. The only thing that did stay dry was my grandma’s old koozie collection. Bet you thought I was going to say something else there, didn’t ya? Get your mind out of the gutter! I digress, ya see…

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Thursday Night Live - London, KY 7/18/19 

Thursday Night Live - London, Kentucky (7/18/19) 

A show review by SuperFan, Little Randy 

Now, it takes quite a bit to get me to leave my beloved East Tennessee. Some might say not even an act of god is gonna get ol’ Little Randy to leave the state. Hell will freeze over before that happens. Well friends, Hell froze over this evening. I packed up my bootleg recording gear and ventured north. My boys, The Deadbeat Scoundrels, had a show tonight tonight up in London, Kentucky opening up for another pretty…

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Jimmy's Place 6/29/19  

Live at Jimmy’s Place on Norris Lake 6/29/19 

A show review by superfan, Little Randy 

As an upper-middle class conventional artichoke cultivator living on a dirt farm just outside of Maynardville, TN, I am quite the connoisseur of extended amounts of time spent with women named Katie discussing glitter and respecting other people’s relgions, well-creamed coffee, and fine ass music. You may have gathered this just from reading the mere statement that I am a conventional artichoke farmer, but I’m here to…

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